About Jeff Kimmell

B.A., Indiana University, Psychology, 1992
J.D., Indiana University Maurer School of Law, 1995.

To Mr. Kimmell, the term defense carries special significance.

For six years he served honorably in the Submarine Fleet of the United States Navy.  He eagerly adopted the ethic that second best, resignation, and defeat have no place in the defense of country.  During--and following--his Naval service, Mr. Kimmell has lived by the Navy motto Semper fortis: “Always strong.”

Then, in deciding to pursue a career in law, Mr. Kimmell acted on his lifelong wish to speak up in defense of the often-voiceless people who find themselves charged with criminal offenses.  In all of his legal work, he’s considered it a privilege to insist that second best, resignation, and defeat have no place in the defense of any accused person.

As a colleague of Mr. Kimmell has said, “Jeff has one cause: his client’s wellbeing.  Few attorneys anywhere match his dedication to even the playing field between well-supported police and prosecutors on the one hand—and badly outmatched individuals on the other.”

Mr. Kimmell’s selflessness and zealous advocacy over 24 years have assisted thousands of clients in navigating the fearful challenges of being charged.  He sets a standard for other defense attorneys to reach for.  See Sample Kimmell Results and Sample Testimonials.

Jeff and Ann Kimmell have been happily married for 29 years and are the proud parents of three children.

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