Practice Areas

In addition to his focus on superior representation in state and federal criminal cases, Mr. Kimmell has achieved numerous successful results in all of the following types of cases.

  • Criminal cases of all kinds:  Mr. Kimmell has a distinguished record in criminal cases of almost every kind—felony, misdemeanor, state, and federal.  See Sample Kimmell Results and Sample Testimonials.
  • Speaking up for veterans:  A Navy veteran, Mr. Kimmell has remained deeply concerned about the special psychological, social, as well as legal challenges facing veterans.  In this time of an all-volunteer military, he has seen how easily the legal system can underappreciate the scars and burdens borne by these special citizens.  He is dedicated to seeing no veteran-client left behind, voiceless, or inadequately understood.
  • Protecting college and university students:  Aware that criminal and disciplinary findings can follow youth for decades, Mr. Kimmell is committed to protecting them in matters too often treated mechanically and unthinkingly.  Kimmell has achieved successful legal outcomes for hundreds of students from area colleges and universities, including Notre Dame, Saint Mary’s, Holy Cross, Bethel, and Indiana.
  • Damages in civil rights cases:  Mr. Kimmell’s dedication to excellence in criminal defense often exposes grounds for compensation based on official misconduct.  His cases have included, among others, a $95,000 settlement on a federal civil rights claim for illegal entry and excessive force, a $395,000 settlement on a federal civil rights claim for negligent police pursuit, and more than 30 successful settlements on civil rights claims for false arrest.
  • DUI and other serious misdemeanor cases:  In 24 years of practice, Mr. Kimmell has seen hundreds of cases where people’s earlier misdemeanor convictions had resulted from either poor representation or no representation.  Seeing the serious consequences of these poor results (including lengthy license suspensions, loss of employment, fines, elevated insurance costs, and even unjustified jail time), Mr. Kimmell treats every charge as serious.  He has saved countless clients the negative effects of poorly handled defenses in these cases.
  • Protecting and restoring driving privileges:  Sensitive to people’s reliance on their ability to drive for employment, medical, and other important personal and family reasons, Mr. Kimmell is diligent in protecting and restoring those privileges wherever possible.
  • Expungement:  Mr. Kimmell has been enthusiastically active in putting Indiana’s progressive expungement laws to work for clients with good records following their earlier convictions.  He believes the opportunity for a new beginning for law-abiding people is a hallmark of an enlightened criminal justice system.

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