Sample Testimonials

  1. “Words can't describe how great Jeff is.  Just when I thought all hope was lost, Jeff worked very hard to my federal case dismissed.  I got my life back thanks to Jeff’s hard work and ethics.  One word to describe his skills: fantastic!”  —D.M.
  1. “I called Mr. Kimmell the day I found out my subpoena was sent to an incorrect address . . . and I had a warrant [for my arrest]. Kimmell came with me to court the very next day.  Out of all that could have happened, I left court ECSTATIC.  I can’t say enough about Mr. Kimmell.  Most definitely a 5-star guy.”  —D.H.
  1. “Mr. Kimmell is very professional! He has the relationships and knowledge to anticipate the prosecution’s actions.  Reasonable, attentive, and credible!”  —D.T.
  1. “Very professional, kind, and straight. He gave me solid advice which I used to become a better person. . . .  I’d invite his family to my table anytime.”  —L.C.
  1. Kimmell is a great attorney. He took my case and was able to get it dismissed.”
  1. “He is the best lawyer I’ve come across. . . . He worked the case from the first phone call to the last court appearance.  Great job.  We thank you so much.”  —T.B.    
  1. “I highly recommend Mr. Kimmell to anyone needing an attorney. He is fair, reasonably priced, and accomplished the task at hand.”  —S.W.
  2. “Took care of my legal issues quickly. I’ve never had an attorney like him.” —P.M.
  1. “Respectful, honest, and extremely helpful.” —E.D.

Indianapolis attorney:  “With over 40 years of experience as a trial and criminal defense attorney myself, Jeff Kimmell is far and away my first recommendation to any accused person needing an advocate in north-central Indiana.” —C.A.