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Jeff Kimmell, Attorney at law
South Bend, Indiana

Selecting an attorney on a serious matter can be one of the most important decisions a person can ever make.

Mr. Kimmell gives all potential clients free initial consultations so (1) he can be sure new cases can fit his schedule and priorities and (2) clients can make their own informed decisions on whose legal help to use.

If for any reason Mr. Kimmell cannot accept your case, he may offer ideas on other attorneys you can meet with.

These links include information on what you can consider doing in the early days of any case or investigation against you.  (Nothing on this website or in any of its links constitutes an attorney-client relationship or any legal advice, but you may use this information as you, or you and any attorney you use, independently decide is helpful to you.)

Feel free to use these resources, whether or not Mr. Kimmell can represent you.  Our office will be hoping for the very best for you.

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