Your Defense Map: Being a Partner in Your Defense

Mr. Kimmell’s outstanding results start with his belief in working hard not just for clients, but with them.  This includes, among other things, the full and early development of (1) the evidence, (2) every defense, and (3) an excellent attorney-client relationship.

As soon as possible (even before your first meeting with Mr. Kimmell if you wish), you should do three things.

  1. Complete a Defense Map using the revolutionary free confidential website  Mr. Kimmell wants to know what you have to say, and your Defense Map will help your consultations with him.  Give your work careful thought. You can log on and off as many times as you wish to do a complete job.
  2. Enter Mr. Kimmell’s email address ( in paragraph C on the Conclusion Page you’ll see at the end of that work.  (This will immediately alert our office that your Defense Map is available for Mr. Kimmell’s review.)
  3. Read your Defense Map carefully.  And use your username and password to log back on to add any additional information you think Mr. Kimmell should have.

For more information on your assistance to your case, see 5 Things You Can Do to Help Your Defense Case.

As part of giving the best representation possible, our office wants to fully hear your voice.

The results of Mr. Kimmell’s work are proof that working together is an essential part of winning together.

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